Client Servicing is at the heart of our business, because you are the heart of our business!

We know a lot of firms are only interested in securing your initial business and then servicing you as they see fit. We have built our Client Servicing department as an intrinsic part of business as we know that our clients are internationally mobile and need a central point of contact when the move from place to place. We understand that the ongoing service [or financial plan follow-up] is key to but is an unspectacular component in delivering on a financial plan. Our service is guided by the differing need for involvement of each investor.

If you are with another financial consultancy firm and have at least $50,000 of investable assets and want to

"Experience the Mondial Difference" please get in touch for an introductory conversation by completing our form, here.

Mondial aims to offer consistency through its Client Servicing* Proposition - Our aspirations are:


  • A minimum of one annual review meeting

  • 24/7 online access to valuations via our Helicon Service

  • Further financial advice provided by suitably qualified consultants

  • Access to a published complaint process. This is detailed in our Client Agreement and is also detailed here

  • A monthly Newsletter that will update clients on relevant issues and market performances

  • We will from time to time bring in external expertise such as Tax Experts, Estate Planners, Mortgage lenders to support comprehensive financial planning

*At all times our service will be as defined within the laws of our regulator.