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Emirates Group Provident Scheme

The Emirates Group appointed Mondial [Dubai] LLC in April 1997 to provide members of the Emirates Group Provident Scheme [EGPS] with impartial advice pertaining to their individual value within the scheme.


For over 22 years we have been proud to help members of the Provident Scheme maximise their individual value and understanding of this important asset. We don't run the scheme or handle any cash, we are here to provide information in a Tactical manner pertaining to the performance of the scheme. For example we can help you rebalance your individual portfolio and answer your questions. Your employer currently pays for two meetings a year allowing you to access our expertise in this important area of your financial plan.

If you elect to receive Strategic advice we can help you with your overall holistic financial plan or other areas of advice that are considered to be outside of the scheme.

Whether you require a Tactical or Strategic meeting please click the link here to arrange an appointment with us. We look forward to meeting with you.


Office 110, Pinnacle Building, Al Barsha 1, PO Box 50060, Dubai, UAE

Email: clientservices@mondialdubai.com

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