We sincerely hope that you never have to make a complaint to Mondial but realise sometimes a simple miscommunication can cause dissatisfaction resulting in a complaint. We understand that a complaint can be just be a statement that we have failed a client's expectations. We do, however, welcome the opportunity to correct any error(s) so that we can, in future, improve our processes and our business.

When you became a client of Mondial, you will have been asked to carefully read all paperwork presented to you before being asked to agree and sign. Subsequent to this you will have been sent via Email, digital copies of all of these documents, again requesting that you re-read everything. From February 2020 you will also have been given a "cooling off" period of seven (7) days in which you will have had the opportunity to withdraw from any agreement without penalty, within that period.

For all business introduced to Mondial we rely on our internal process, the integrity of our consultants and their financial advice but ultimately it is the written word which carries more weight. Before you make a complaint please review the paperwork that you have signed and consider the fact that in addition to the process outlined above you may have also been provided with a cooling off period.

However, should you wish to proceed with your complaint please follow the steps below:


In the first instance any complaint should be addressed to the Consultant mentioned in the original agreement. If this Consultant is not available then another Consultant may be suggested as a replacement to liaise with.


If the Consultant does not handle the complaint to your satisfaction and/or within an appropriate time frame, you should escalate the complaint to Mondial Compliance Officer in writing. To do this please Email: In accordance with industry practice please allow us 8 weeks to review the complaint and provide you with our decision. This decision will be sent to you in writing via Email and will either uphold or reject your complaint. If we uphold your complaint, we will liaise with you for the appropriate solution. If we reject your complaint, we will clearly state the reasons why we have rejeced it.


If the steps above are not conducted to your satisfaction or you disagree with the resolution you can then consider escalating your complaint to the Securities and Commodities Authority. Mondial is regulated in the UAE by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).


Failing resolution via the aforesaid remedies a continuing dispute or disagreement can be referred to and settled in accordance with the state laws and courts of the Emirate of Dubai and the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates.