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Updated: Jul 4

Look at your calories like a budget! Cash flow if you like

Robert​ Palmer, Financial Consultant

A budget, you know how much you can spend, Counting Calories, you know how much you can eat. A budget, if you spend more than you have, you will go into debt, Counting Calories, if you eat more than you need, you will gain weight. A budget, if you’re trying to save as much as possible, this may make you miserable, Counting Calories, if you eat as little as possible, this may also make you miserable. A Budget, keeping a budget is a good thing showing financial responsibility. Calories Counting, Staying within your calories is not something to be conscious about it shows you are taking good care of yourself. A budget, you can spend extravagantly on certain things (clothes, travel, jewelry etc.,) as long as you stay within your budget at the end of the day. Counting Calories, you can have an extravagant meal if you want, as long as you meet your calorie target at the end of the day.

SO! Its not that dissimilar to managing your finances. Making yourself accountable for your finances will help you achieve your Wealth goals in just the same way making yourself accountable for your eating habits will help you achieve your health goals. Basic law of accounting! For every debit there must be a corresponding credit in order to balance the books and all credits must equal debits. Basic law of thermal dynamics, the first one actually, energy can’t be created or destroyed, loosely put. So, lets extrapolated this through to weight loss. Calories in Calories out will determine your bodies status quo! you eat more than you need to manage your daily activities your body has spent millions of years working out how to effectively convert any excess to fat! Your bodies credit’s! by the same token eat less than your bodies need to survive will result in weight loss, debits!

What’s the moral of the story! Balance your finances and your calories for sustainable and fruitful Wealth/Health management.

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