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Making Cents Out Of Markets: Volume IV with Phil Smeaton, Chief Investment Officer, Sanlam

Watch Volume IV of “Making Cents Out Of Markets” with Phil Smeaton, Chief Investment Officer, Sanlam Private Wealth

In this edition, Phil shares his views on the current market conditions and strategies investors should consider within their own portfolios.⠀

#MakingCentsOutOfMarkets is Mondial’s weekly video interview series in which we host an experienced investment professional from a top tier asset manager to ask 4 questions and discuss 2 charts with the aim of making sense out of today’s markets.⠀

This week’s Q and A features: managing uncertain times, the impact of low and negative Interests Rates, how to react to a crisis, and, protecting wealth against inflation.⠀

About Phil Smeaton:

Phil is the Chief Investment Officer for Sanlam Private Wealth in the UK and is the lead fund manager of the VAM DFM Funds. Phil graduated with a first-class honors degree in Mathematics from Oxford University and has 20 years of investment experience. He joined Sanlam in 2014 and has a proven track record running a market-neutral hedge fund as well as global long-only funds. ⠀

His career began in 2000 as an analyst on the European Equity team at Tokyo Mitsubishi Asset Management. In 2006 he joined the Global Equity team at Batterymarch (now Legg Mason) where he was initially based in London before relocating to Boston in the US. Phil has been a CFA Charterholder since 2003.⠀

Stay tuned for Making Cents out of Markets next week when the next experienced investment professional at another top tier asset management company shares their views.⠀

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