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Wellness: bridging the gap between wealth and health.

The Financial Advisers interest in you staying alive…..

Robert​ Palmer, Financial Analyst (CISI Qualified)

Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother, you’re staying alive, staying alive…” with apologies to Saturday Night Fever fans- we embrace the Bee Gees to introduce our Wellness forum. Frankly, we have a commercial interest in keeping our clients both wealthy and healthy. Strategically, we know that the longer our clients live- the longer they might need a financial adviser! For those who actually recall the swinging hips of John Travolta, the more likely they will need the help of our Wellness column!

The counter-argument to seeking the wealth part of the equation is that you “can’t take money to the grave”. We meet this sometimes when introducing Estate Planning as a subject matter, or, when battling the sentiment of a poster in a client’s study “ Life is short. Buy the damn shoes”. We will pooh-pooh the counter argument in our series of health insights.

For our May Newsletter, I simply lay out our approach to introduce “health” as part of the essential Wellness concept. The concept of health revolves around paying attention to physical, mental and social well-being with an emphasis on exercise, nutrition and stress management. These are the subject matters we will delve into in future months. For now, a brief summary on each.

For every individual there is plenty of room to manoeuvre towards a solution that’s fits in with anyone’s lifestyle. Exercise doesn’t necessarily need to be hours and hours at the gym it could just as easily revolve around any activity that raises your heart rate! Walking, Power Walking, Dancing, Skipping, cycling. The list is endless. Nutrition is a fancy word for the food you eat. A real hot topic just now! it's so important you keep a close eye on what goes in given that it will drive what comes out. Rubbish in, rubbish out. Thus, food is the engine room of how you feel and perform each day. Personally, I am a fan of the Mediterranean diet which is categorized as a blue zone and yields the longest lifespans on the planet of the inhabitants, for the record, “Blue Zones” are the regions of the world where a higher than usual number of people live much longer than average, with the higher profile countries being Greece & Japan, however, any meal plan which includes lots of fruit, vegetables, lean meat & nuts, you can’t go wrong. Last, but not least, is stress management. Make time for yourself and breath! is the best advice I could give anyone, oh! and a full eight hours of good quality sleep every night will go a long way to energizing your day ahead….

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