Mondial’s registered Financial Analyst scours the industry press and selects his best input of the month

In the course of my work, I get sent and am obliged to read an awful lot of material on financial markets and financial products. It arises from asset managers, platform providers, fund managers, and professional bodies. Much of it is repetitive but occasionally I see something a bit special and often pass it on to clients who I think may be interested. In this section of the Mondial Newsletter, I will pass on to our readers the article that I found most informative in the preceding month.

This month’s article comes from Investment Week and argues that the Covid 19 pandemic has thrown up a good investment opportunity in the UK equity market….. undervalued stocks offer what the authors refer to as the ‘trade of the century. For Sterling investors who are reluctant to increase their exposure to UK equities, this article is worth a read :

The tailwinds bringing UK value back in fashion:

How vaccines and Brexit create the trade of the decade

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