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Mondial Difference

Our Products

Our range of product solutions are chosen and designed specifically with our clients needs and aspirations first and foremost. Whether this be a truly non-contractual regular savings vehicle or the use of explicit fees [rather than expensive trail options] when arranging the best way forward, our clients needs are always paramount. 

Regular Saving Vehicles

Regular savings vehicles allow a client to invest on a regular basis, that could be weekly, monthly or quarterly.  After opening an account the client arranges for a predetermined cash amount to credit this account which then automatically purchases the investments that have been selected. We currently have three products that offer our clients the option to invest in a regular environment, these are 

  • Clarity [administered by ARIA Capital Management]

  • Investors Trust [ITA] - S&P 500

  • Praemium Platform

Lump Sum Investing

The providers listed below allow clients to open accounts for the specific purpose of custodying single premium deposits. Once again once the premium is received the agreed investment strategy is implemented, this can of course be altered from time to time depending on the clients attitude to risk and global fiscal conditions. Some of these providers also have access to in-expensive tax and trust solutions which may be very beneficial depending on the nationality and ultimate residence of the client.

  • International Investment Platform [Previously Cornhill]

  • Praemium

  • Quilter International [Previously Old Mutual International]

  • RL360

Property & Mortgage

We believe that all of our clients should have exposure to all of the asset classes. One of these classes is Property. Whilst we don't hold the licences to advise on the sale of Property we do refer our clients to specific and strategic partners. Partners who we have arranged exclusive deals with are listed below. We are also licenced to provide advice on and arrange mortgages and re-mortgages for local and international property purchases.

  • Seven Capital [UK Property Only]

  • IP Global [ROW]

Our Investment Philosophy

Core & Satellite

As we have noted elsewhere Mondial has a prudent approach to investments. We call this our Core and Satellite approach, this philosophy can be viewed here. It is updated on a regular basis and has been built on a risk / reward basis and cost. We specifically recommend that clients use the Core for 100% of their investments however, should they wish to invest elsewhere then an appropriate disclaimer can be used to waive this advice.


DFM and MPS are acronyms that stand for Discretionary Fund Management and Managed Portfolio Service. These options are for those clients who would like a Fund Manager to actively manage their portfolios according to their own particular ATR [Attitude to Risk]. Effectively this means that once a portfolio is set up the manager makes the appropriate buy and sell orders without referring back to the client, our providers who offer this are:

  • Quilter Cheviot DFM

  • WH Ireland DFM

  • Quilter Cheviot MPS

  • WH Ireland MPS

  • ARIA Capital Management

Multi-Asset Funds

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Thery are specifically designed to expose clients the opportunities of all the asset classes and focus on diversifying clients risk by spereading risk across the asset classes.

  • Harmony [Momentum]

  • VAM

  • Guinness

  • Vanguard

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Mutual Funds are funds designed to collect individual publicly listed companies together in a group where the fund manager specifically lays out in a prospectus what the aim of the fund is. The fund manager has to follow the prospectus and generate growth from the rebalancing of the companies within the fund. Exchange Traded Funds [ETF's] are the least expensive way for purchasing stock on the major listed markets, they offer a superb entry price [charged annually] for purchasing stock but can be extremely volatile. Mondial offers ETF's from the following investment houses:

  • Vanguard

  • Fundsmith

  • Lindsell Train

  • iShares by BlackRock