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Outlook 2023

2022 has been an exceptionally difficult year, with very few assets preserving capital let alone earning a positive real return. Global equities and bonds have suffered steep falls, in the case of bonds one of the worst periods in decades. Despite the over-arching pessimism we see the foundations for a recovery in markets in 2023 and believe the prospects ahead are more promising than for some time.MORE...


VAM Investment Update:

Monthly Market Outlook

The extraordinary year we’ve left behind has rendered 2023 a pivotal period for global economies. MORE...


Monthly Market Commentary - January 2023

Global stock markets closed out 2022 with the first positive quarter of the year, as investors took solace from a moderation in the rising interest rate environment that pervaded much of the last 12 months. In US dollar terms, the MSCI All Country World Index ended Q4 around 10% higher, although the benchmark was still down annually by just under 20%. Currency movements dampened both these moves for sterling investors, with the pound gaining around 8% against the US dollar on the quarter but still depreciating roughly 11% for the year. MORE...


2022 Global Market Outlook – Q4 update:

From Darkness to Dawn

Declining inflation should allow central banks to eventually pivot to an easing bias. Recession seems likely and equity markets may struggle, but a global economic recovery should be on the horizon by year-end 2023. MORE...


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